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Learn how to use the ProxyHostnameEdit config.txt directive to specify rules for renaming hostnames in EZproxy.

ProxyHostnameEdit specifies a rule for renaming hostnames generated for proxy by hostname. If multiple ProxyHostnameEdit directives appear in config.txt, each is applied in the same order as they appear in config.txt.

This directive was originally created to allow the hostnames generated for proxy by hostname to be shortened to compensate for an early browser which could not handle hostnames that were longer than 63 characters in length. This restriction does not exist in any modern browsers.

The hostname presented to this directive for processing may include a letter and port number inserted at the beginning of the string, such as for or for The EZproxy server name is not presented as part of the string to edit.

ProxyHostnameEdit is a repeatable position-dependent config.txt directive.


ProxyHostnameEdit find replace


Calificador Descripción
find String to find in the generated hostname. May begin with ^ to indicate the match must start from the beginning of the string. May end with $ to indicate the match must finish at the end of the string.
sustituir String to  replace the portion of the generated hostname that matches find.


Change to sdb in generated hostnames, resulting in hostnames such as instead of The first directive handles when it appears as the complete hostname, and the second directive handles any hostnames that end in

ProxyHostnameEdit ^$ sdb 
ProxyHostnameEdit$ .sdb

Title Some Database