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Option LogSPUEdit

Learn how to use the Option LogSPUEdit config.txt directive to log transformations to Starting Point URLs in EZproxy.

Option LogSPUEdit can be used to log transformations to Starting Point URLs that result from the SPUEdit directive. The logging generated by this directive simplifies the debugging of manipulations performed by SPUEdit directives on incoming Starting Point URLs, especially when complex rules involving regular expressions are involved.

Option LogSPUEdit is a position-independent directive that specifies that Starting Point URL transformations attempted or performed by SPUEdit should be logged to messages.txt. When an SPUEdit directive causes a redirect, EZproxy will log the redirected URL in messages.txt.

Since this option can generate a number of diagnostic messages for each login request placed to EZproxy, it should normally be left in place only during testing, and then removed once everything works as expected.


To enable the logging of the effects of SPUEdit directives to messages.txt enter the following in config.txt:

Option LogSPUEdit

The message logged in messages.txt will look as follows:

SPUEdit redirect to ''

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