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Option IgnoreWildcardCertificate

Option IgnoreWildcardCertificate specifies that EZproxy should treat a wildcard SSL certificate as though it is a non-wildcard certificate. This option is designed for use when operating EZproxy in proxy by "hostname mode". In such a configuration, EZproxy expects its SSL certificate to be named with “*.” followed by the server name, such as “*”. In this example, if you import a certificate named “*”, then you need to use this option to warn EZproxy that the certificate is not in the form expected.

When using this option, EZproxy will act as though it has a non -wildcard certificate installed. This will cause browser warnings to appear when proxying access to secure web sites. The only way to avoid these warnings in proxy by hostname is to use a wildcard certificate that is in the recommended format.

Order IgnoreWildcardCertificate is a non-repeatable position-independent config.txt directive.


Option IgnoreWildcardCertificate


Direct EZproxy to treat a wildcard certificate as though it is a non -wildcard certificate.

Option IgnoreWildcardCertificate