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Option ExcludeIPMenu

Learn how to use the Option ExcludeIPMenu config.txt directive to specify how users access and see the EZproxy menu page.

Option ExcludeIPMenu specifies that users who access the EZproxy Menu Page from an ExcludeIP address should see the EZproxy Menu Page without being required to log in first. This varies from EZproxy’s standard behavior, which requires all users to authenticate before being presented with the EZproxy Menu Page.

Option ExcludeIPMenu is a non-repeatable position-dependent config.txt directive.


Option ExcludeIPMenu


In this example, if someone accesses the EZproxy Menu Page from an IP address in the range, EZproxy will display the menu page and show the option for Some Database.

Option ExcludeIPMenu
Title Some Database

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