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Option DisableSSLv2

Learn how to use the Option DisableSSLv2 config.txt directive to specify that SSL version 2 handshakes should not be permitted in EZproxy.

Option DisableSSLv2 specifies that SSL version 2 (SSLv2) handshakes should not be permitted.

SSLv2 remains enabled in EZproxy by default for backward compatibility, but is generally regarded as a weak protocol that is best disabled using this option.

This directive is a non-repeatable position-independent that must appear before any LoginPortSSL directives.


Option DisableSSLv2


Disable 56-bit (and also 40-bit) algorithms plus SSLv2. Unlike OptionDisableSSL40bit, Option DisableSSLv2 must appear explicitly to disable SSLv2 processing. Note how both of these options appear before the first LoginPortSSL directive.

Option DisableSSL56bit
Option DisableSSLv2
LoginPortSSL 443