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Option AnyDNSHostname

Learn how to use the Option AnyDNSHostname config.txt directive to specify mini-DNS servers that EZproxy should respond to.

Option AnyDNSHostname specifies that an EZproxy mini-DNS server should respond to any request for a hostname that is this server’s name or ends in this server’s name. The mini-DNS server is enabled with the DNS directive. When the DNS directive is active, EZproxy will normally only resolve hostnames that match an active virtual web server. With Option AnyDNSHostname, the mini-DNS server behavior changes so that any hostname that is this server's name or ends with this server's name will also resolve.

The extremely rare configuration that requires this directive: (1) uses the DNS directive to support proxy by hostname, (2) posts persistent links to EZproxy in rewritten form, and (3) routinely removes all of its virtual web servers. Points 2 and 3 go against EZproxy best practices.

Option AnyDNSHostname is a non-repeatable position-independent config.txt directive.


Option AnyDNXHostname [options]


Enable the mini-DNS server to resolve any hostname that matches this server's name or ends in this server's name.

Option AnyDNSHostname