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Learn how to use the MimeFilter config.txt directive to process file types that EZproxy does not process by default.

MimeFilter directs EZproxy to process a given file type that EZproxy does not process by default. This can only be applied to a specific database stanza.

MimeFilter is a position-dependent config.txt file that must be included after the Title directive of a specific database stanza. It allows the EZproxy administrator or content provider to specify a particular file type that EZproxy should process, that it would not otherwise process by default.


MimeFilter mime-type URI-pattern [-] action

Where each of the following variables must be entered:

Variable Descripción Example(s)
mime-type The mime type of object to apply URL rewriting rules to. application/json
URI-pattern URIs to apply URL rewriting to. This can be a PCRE regular expression.

.* will match any URL* will match any URL from the specified web server

.*\.js will match any URL that ends in .js

[^?]*\.js(\?.*)* will match any URL that ends in .js ignoring query string values

.* will match any URL

- (optional)

If this variable precedes the action variable, then remove default patterns for rewrite and ONLY consider these patterns for rewrite. -
action Rewrite objects that match the above criteria that are embedded in Javascript, pdf, test, or HTML.

Values can be:


If left blank an error is reported, and the directive is ignored.

EZproxy v6.1 and later

EZproxy v6.0.8 introduced default support for json rewriting. Content providers and resources requiring json applications to be rewritten should no longer require the MimeFilter directive; however, leaving the directive in stanzas that previously required it will do no harm.


The following example would tell EZproxy to rewrite json applications in any URL (the *. means match any URL) embedded in the javascript.

MimeFilter application/json .* javascript

This is the most commonly-seen application of this directive in a database stanza.