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Learn how to use the LoginCookieName config.txt directive to specify an alternate name for the EZproxy session cookie.

LoginCookieName specifies an alternate name for the EZproxy session cookie. The default name for the EZproxy session cookie is ezproxy.

The main application for this directive occurs in environments where multiple EZproxy servers operate in the same domain, but provide access to different content. In such environments, the session cookie set by one EZproxy server could be overwritten when accessing a second EZproxy server, preventing the ability to use both servers concurrently.


Calificador Descripción
name The name to use for the session cookie. The cookie name is limited to a maximum of 16 letters and digits.


LoginCookieName name


Change the name of th session cookie to EZproxyMain.

LoginCookiesName EZproxyMain

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