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Learn how to use the ExtraLoginCookie config.txt directive to specify one or more additional cookies that should be set during login processing in EZproxy.

ExtraLoginCookie specifies one or more additional cookies that should be set during login processing. The main purpose of this directive is to support older load balancers that use cookies for request routing to backend servers, but which do not set these cookies automatically. In this scenario, each backend server would use the same cookie name, but set the value to a unique value recognized by the load balancer for routing the requests to the specific backend server.

ExtraLoginCookie is a repeatable position-dependent config.txt directive.


Calificador Descripción
cookie=value Specify the name of the cookie to set and the value to assign to the cookie.


Opción Descripción
; path= /path Specify the path for which the cookie should be sent. The most common value is ; path= /
; domain= /domain Specify the domain in which the cookie should be set.


ExtraLoginCookie cookie= value[; path= / path][; domain= domain]


During login, create a cookie named proxyid with a value of 1025. The CookieFilter directive insures that the extra cookie is filtered out during proxying to avoid forwarding the cookie to remote web servers.

ExtraLoginCookie proxyid=1025; path=/;
CookieFilter proxyid

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