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Learn how to use the Description config.txt directive to provide descriptive text for a database stanza that will display in select EZproxy web pages.

Description specifies descriptive text for a database stanza that can be displayed in select EZproxy web pages using ^D or the variable db:description. If a database stanza has multiple Description directives, the texts of these directives are combined together to create a single, long descriptive text.

Both ^D and db:description are available for use in the template documents that are stored in the docs subdirectory. These values are only available within ^B/^E blocks.

EZproxy supports a special database stanza comprised of only a single Title directive and one or more Description directives. During the processing of a ^B/^E block, if EZproxy encounters one of these special database stanzas,it will send only the content of the Description directive(s), ignoring anything else within the ^B/^E block when processing this stanza. This syntax can be used to create separators between database stanzas in the EZproxy Menu page. These special definitions are group sensitive and will obey Option MenuByGroup when determining whether or not they are displayed to users.


Calificador Descripción
texto Descriptive text for the database stanza.


Description text


Create two databases with descriptive text, including a separator to insert between the databases when they appear in the menu.

Title Some Database
Description Some Database provided by Some Vendor.

Title Separator
Description <hr>

Title Other Database
Description Other Database
Description provided by Other Vendor.

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