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Learn how to use the ByteServe config.txt directive to take a URL specified as a case-insensitive regular expression in EZproxy.

ByteServe takes a URL specified as a case-insensitive regular expression. 

ByteServe can be repeated multiple times and is position independent within config.txt.  For convenience, the best placement is within the stanza for the content provider (e.g., after the Title directive), even though there is nothing position dependent about it appearing within a stanza. 

A URL that has been declared for byte serving will not be rewritten, even if the client and server do not actually use byte serving.  It should be used with great care.


ByteServe https://www\.deslibris\.ca/docs/.* 


ByteServe https://www\.deslibris\.ca/docs/.* 
ByteServe https://www\.deslibris\.ca/ebookburner/lib/html5/ReaderControl.html.* 

The first directive matches their ebook content delivery URLs. The second is a special entry that flags that specific URL for byte serving. It needs to be enabled as their JavaScript performs a test to see if it can retrieve that file using byte serving. If it cannot, then it will not use byte serving for the other content.