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Config.txt directive conventions

Find information about the typographic conventions used in the EZproxy config.txt directive documentation.


The documentation uses the following typographic conventions:

Negrita is used for directories, filenames, directives, qualifiers, and options. All terms show in bold are typed literally.
Cursiva is used to show generic qualifiers and options. These should be replaced with user-supplied values. Italic is also used to highlight comments in examples.
Constant Width is used in examples to show the contents of files and to show directives included in files.
Brackets ([ ]) surround optional elements in a description of syntax. The brackets themselves should not be typed.
Pipe ( | ) is used in syntax descriptions to separate items for which only one alternative may be chosen at a time.

Case insensitive

In this documentation, capitalization was used only to improve readability. Directives, qualifiers, and options are case-insensitive.