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Connexion and FirstSearch

Find the format/document type values and codes for Connexion and FirstSearch when searching WorldCat indexes.


These values are identifying the primary type based on if it is an Internet resource or, if not, what type it is based on the Leader/06 or Leader/07 values. The search option is used when performing a command-line search in Connexion. In FirstSearch, they can be selected as limits in the Advanced Search screen or entered as an expert search. Limit a search by Format type by either:

  • Enter the index label and an equals sign (dt=) followed by either the Code (first column) or Name (second column).
    Example: ti:gift deer and au:hoover and dt=bks
  • Entering a slash qualifier (/) before the Format/Document type. This method is only available for Connexion searches or in derived searches only in FirstSearch expert searches (if the derived search is the first or only element of the search).
    Example: ti:gift deer and au:hoover/bks

Format/Document Type values and codes for Connexion and FirstSearch

Here is how the table is organized:

  • Columns in the tables show values or criteria indexed based on either:
    • The Leader, 008, and other criteria
  • Each row shows separate sets of values indexed for each format type, having up to six possible sets of values.
  • Values shown are in byte position 0 (first position), or if values are in another byte position, the position is shown following a slash (008/23=s). For element labels, see Bibliographic Formats and Standards or OCLC-MARC Records.
Code Nombre Indexed values
Record type and bib level

 Other criteria
Standard Slash qualifier Leader/06 Leader/07
art /art Artículo a, t a    
bks /bks


Also search by text

a, t c, d, m    
com /com

Archivo informático

Also search by elr

cnr /cnr

Continuing resource

 Note: In FirstSearch, this is only available as an expert search.

[any] s, b, i    
int /int Integrating Resource [any] i    
ser /ser Serie [any] s, b    

Internet resource

Currently, the books format also retrieves Internet resources

a, c, d, i, j, m, p, t   008/23= q, s, or o
  • If 856 is present, the 2nd indicator must be zero or blank. If it is blank, it also needs the 008 to indicate electronic or online resource (the 008 column data).
  • 008 not needed for URLs with a blank 2nd indicator for records with the Leader/06 as "m".
e, f, g, k, o, r   008/29= q, s, or o
map /map Mapa e, f      
mix /mix Materiales mixtos p      
sco /sco

Musical score

Also search by mus

c, d      
rec /rec Grabaciones sonoras i, j      
vis /vis Material visual g, k, o, r