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Find the fields, subfields, notes, and product availability for the Microform word (mf:) index.

Word (mf:)


  Connexion FirstSearch and Collection Manager query collections WorldShare and WorldCat Discovery
Etiqueta mf: --- ---
Search? --- ---
Browse? --- ---
  • ti=tales of two cities/mf
  • ti=tale of two cities/nm/1990
--- ---

Fixed field element Form = a b c
007 a = h

Not microform:
Form code = anything except a b c
007 a = anything except h

--- ---
Qualifier index? --- ---
  • Use two-letter code used as slash qualifier or use three-letter code used with index label and punctuation
  • To exclude records in microform format — /nm or mf:nmc
  • Scan an index from the Command Line Search by entering the Scan command (sca), the index label with appropriate punctuation, and the term, and then clicking Search (example: sca  ti=tales of two cities/mf). For more information, see Browse (scan an index).
To achieve similar results in FirstSearch, use an expert search and qualify using material type of Microform — ti=tale of two cities and mt:mic ---