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Format/Document Type

Find the fields, subfields, notes, and product availability for the Format/Document Type word and phrase (dt=) indexes.

 Note: These values are also available using the Material Type index, which includes more records by expanding the criteria to include the Leader/06 values in the 006. In addition, the Mixed material includes the criteria for the values for Manuscripts "mss" and Archival material "arc". 


See Format/Document Type values and codes for WorldShare and WorldCat Discovery.

Phrase (dt=)
  Connexion FirstSearch and Collection Manager query collections WorldShare and WorldCat Discovery
Etiqueta dt= ---
Search? ---
Browse?  ---  --- ---
Ejemplos pn:twain, mark and dt=vis ---
Fields/Subfields Presence of both Leader/06 (Type) and Leader/07 (BLvl) ---
Qualifier index? No ---
  • Use with index label and punctuation.
  • Use this limit only in combination with another search statement.
  • This index determines groupings for search results, where record groups correspond to primary document type.
  • To limit results by a format/document type, enter and dt= followed by a format code. Example: ti:buddenbrooks not dt=bks
  • To exclude a format/document type, enter not dt= followed by a format code. Example: ti:buddenbrooks not dt=bks. Codes are art (articles), bks (books), cnr (continuing resources), com (computer files), int (integrating resources),  map (maps), mix (mixed materials), rec (sound recordings), sco (scores), ser (serials), and vis (visual materials).
  • These codes are also available in the Material type indexes (mt: and mt=), to use as qualifiers. The Material type codes include more records expanding the criteria to include 006, 007, and other data sources.
  • If you use a guided or advanced/expert search, select indexes and other parts of a search rather than typing a full syntax search:
    • In a Connexion guided search, select a format (or select Any) from the Format list to limit a search to that format.
    • In FirstSearch advanced or expert searches, select one or more check boxes under Limit search to to limit a search to the selected format(s).