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Nivel de codificación

Find the fields, subfields, notes, and product availability for the Encoding Level number (lv:) index.

Use this index to search for bibliographic records in WorldCat at all encoding levels.

Number (lv:)


  Connexion FirstSearch and Collection Manager query collections WorldShare and WorldCat Discovery
Etiqueta lv: --- lv:
Search? ---
Browse?  --- ---  ---
Ejemplos li:OCWMS AND lv:3 where 3 is the abbreviated level. --- li:OCWMS AND lv:3 where 3 is the abbreviated level.
Fields/Subfields Leader/17 (ELvl: Encoding Level) --- Leader/17 (ELvl: Encoding Level)
Qualifier index? No --- No
  • Only available for expert search (not available as a menu item in the list of indexes).
  • Use lv:b to search for full records (e.g., li:OCWMS AND lv:b).
  • In Record Manager, you can use this search label using expert search or, alternatively, by selecting the Abbreviated-level records only check box in the Advanced Search form.