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Digital Collections

Find information about OCLC Usage Statistics for ArchiveGrid and Camio and see a description of the available Digital Collections reports.

Using OCLC Usage Statistics for Digital Collections


The ArchiveGrid subscription-based service was discontinued in 2012 and usage statistics are not available. ArchiveGrid is now freely available as a discovery system supported by OCLC Research at


CAMIO statistics are presented in the COUNTER compliant Multimedia Report 1. Per the COUNTER standard, the report displays monthly statistics for the number of successful item views for each collection. COUNTER compliant reports were implemented for CAMIO in April 2014. Reports prior to that displayed how sessions and searches their users conducted in CAMIO and how many Thumbnail Views and Display Images were accessed as a result of searches.

Digital Collections Reports

Report Descripción
ArchiveGrid Member List Consortium report This is a list of institution names and OCLC symbols for any consortium/group members who have had activity (sessions and/or searches) in the ArchiveGrid database for the specified month. Each OCLC symbol is a hyperlink to the ArchiveGrid usage reports for that institution.
ArchiveGrid Institution Summary Consortium Report For each member of the consortium that used ArchiveGrid during the specified month, this report shows the number of searches within ArchiveGrid and the number of records displayed. This report is only available as a single-month display.
ArchiveGrid Searches Used Institution Report This report shows the number of ArchiveGrid searches for the specified months.
ArchiveGrid Overview Institution Report This report provides an institution with an overview of activity for the specified months, including the number of authorizations accessing ArchiveGrid, the number of sessions, and the total number of searches within ArchiveGrid. From those searches, the report shows the total number of records displayed, the number of full records displayed, and the number of list records displayed. In addition, the report shows the port limits for the institution, the average number of ports used during the specified months, and the maximum (highest) number of ports used simultaneously for the specified months.
CAMIO Subscriber Overview Report The CAMIO® Subscriber Overview Report lets CAMIO subscribers see how many sessions and searches their users conducted in CAMIO, and also how many Thumbnail Views and Display Images were accessed as a result of those searches.
CAMIO Contributor Overview Report This report lets CAMIO contributors see how many of the images they have contributed to CAMIO have been accessed, via Thumbnail Views and/or Display Images, as a result of searches by CAMIO subscribers.