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Why do I receive "A system error occurred" message when submitting an ILL Request?

  • After completing and submitting the ILL form from or Discovery, you receive the message "A system error occurred. Try again later. If problem repeats and you are speaking with an OCLC representative, your request ID is"
Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery
  • Préstamo interbibliotecario de WorldShare

Sign in to OCLC Service Configuration and check the following settings:

  1. Metasearch Content > Default Databases and Licensed Content > Configure Databases to Search > Select
  2. Metasearch Content > Default Databases and Licensed Content > Group Configured Databases > Default Database / Group > Select
  3. Save changes

If that doesn't fix the issue, or you already have selected in both places listed above, please contact OCLC Support with a link to the item and a link to this help article.

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