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View a library profile

Discover how to view a library's profile page and what information it contains in

You can view a library's profile page from any of the following screens:

Only libraries that have created a profile in the WorldCat Registry are listed in the library search results. If you are a librarian and do not see your library listed, you may create a free WorldCat Registry profile.

Click the library's name to view its profile page.

The library profile page contains the following information.

 Note: The fields displayed depend on the library's subscription.

Campo Descripción
Library name The name of the library.
Items in WorldCat The total number of records the library has in WorldCat.
Favorite Library Click the Favorite Library button to add the library to the Favorite Libraries screen in your user profile.

A confirmation dialog appears that the library has been added to your favorite libraries. You can click Manage in the confirmation dialog to open the Favorite Libraries screen in your user profile.

 Note: You can add up to five favorite libraries to your user profile.

Distance The library's distance from your current location.
Dirección The main address for the library.
Directions Click Get Directions to open directions to the library from your current location in Google Maps. Google Maps opens in a new tab.
Library's catalog Click Go to Library's Catalog to open the library's catalog in a new tab.
Phone number The phone number for the library.
Informe If the information listed for the library is incorrect, authorized representatives of the library may update in the WorldCat Registry.
Library Locations The branches/affiliates associated with the library. The following information is provided for each location:
  • Library name
  • Dirección principal
  • Phone number

If holdings are set up at the branch level, a View Library Page link will be present. Click View Library Page to view the website for that location.
Curated lists A display of lists created by library staff members signed in to institutional accounts.

Lists are sorted in descending order by date. You can adjust how the curated lists are sorted by selecting one of the following from the Sort by drop-down list.
  • Date (Most Recent) (default)
  • Date (Least Recent)
  • Most followed

The list card will display the following information for the list:

  • Cover art for the three most recently added items
  • Title of the list - Click the title to view all items in the list
  • Date the list was created
  • Total number of items in the list
New at the library A display of new materials added to the library's collection. By default, 25 new titles are displayed per page.

Each tab in the New at the library section looks at the date the library's OCLC symbol was added to the WorldCat record and then displays:
  • The 500 most recent titles added
  • The first 500 added in the past 12 months if more than 500 titles have been added in the past year.
Pestaña Descripción
Todos Click All to view all new titles. This is the default view.
Fiction Click Fiction to view only new fiction titles.

This tab includes all titles with a material type of fiction. Visit Universal Material TypeUniversal to view all of the Fiction indexed values.
Nonfiction Click Nonfiction to view only new nonfiction titles.

This tab includes all titles with a material type of non-fiction.

From the New at the library section, you can view:

Elemento Descripción
Title and cover art Click the cover art or title to view the Item Details screen for the item.
Format and publication year Books and journals (Jrnl) are included in the new items section.
Date added The date the item was added to the library's collection.

 Note: The date displayed in this element may differ from the date you originally added the item to your collection. If the original record you set a holding on is merged into another record, this element will reflect the date of the merge.