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Goodreads ratings and reviews

Discover how to view Goodreads ratings and reviews for an item on the Item Details screen in

You can view Goodreads ratings and reviews for an item on the Item Details screen. This information is only available if the item has:

  • Been reviewed on Goodreads
  • Has an ISBN

The Goodreads average rating (out of five stars) and number of reviews for the item appear beneath the item's title. Click the reviews link to jump to the Goodreads Ratings & Reviews section at the bottom of the Item Details screen. This area displays the average rating, total number of ratings, and total number of reviews for the item.

You can also view selected reviews including the reviewers rating for the item and how many readers found the review helpful.

  • Click View More to view the entire review.
  • Click More Reviews to view additional reviews for the item.
  • Click For more reviews, visit to view the item's Goodreads page in a new tab.