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How do I set up authentication from our library website to FirstSearch?

  • Patrons will be able to authenticate from a library's website to FirstSearch without logging in.
Applies to
  • FirstSearch

Follow these steps to allow patrons to authenticate to FirstSearch directly from your library's website. 

  1. Go to FirstSearch Admin > Authentication/Access > IP-Address Recognition and add the library's website IP address.
  2. Add this URL to your library's webpage:
  3. If you would like to create a direct link to a database using this structure, please use this URL structure  or  You can determine database name by visiting the FirstSearch databases list. 
  4. Select the database you would like to create a link to and click on Database detailsDATABASE NAME.  This is the database name you will enter in the dbname= section of the link above.
Información complementaria

More information can be found in Create IP address recognition links to FirstSearch.

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