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FirstSearch icons for your website

Find FirstSearch icon images to use on your library website.

Copy these icons for use as illustrations on screens linking your site to the OCLC FirstSearch service. Use of these images is provided with your agreement to the license terms below.

It is OCLC's policy not to share any icons, even for educational, non-profit use, except for those specifically mentioned on this web page.

pixel size badge version button version
104 x 41 104x41 Badge 104x41 Button
110 x 38 110x38 Badge 110x38 Button
147 x 22 147x22 Badge 147x22 Button
87 x 40 87x40 Badge 87x40 Button
114 x 24 114x24 Badge 114x24 Button
134 x 27 134x27 Badge 134x27 Button
127 x 25 127x25 Badge 127x25 Button
132 x 24 132x24 Badge 132x24 Button


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We may terminate the License granted herein at any time, for any reason by providing you with written notice. You may terminate this License at any time for any reason by providing us with written notice. Upon termination of your rights under this License, you will immediately discontinue all uses of the Marks and you shall not use an imitation, likeness or variation of any Mark or part of a Mark. The term of this License will begin when you have clicked on the "accept" button below and continue for a term of one year. This License shall automatically renew for successive one-year terms unless terminated.

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