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Values for the dbname or db component

Find the values used for dbname or db component to create IP address recognition links for FirstSearch users.


This document contains the values for the dbname or db component and for the dbname or db component used in linking users directly to a Group Union Catalog through IP address recognition access. You cannot access a database in FirstSearch for a Group Union Catalog  in FirstSearch if it is not included in your account or if access to it is blocked in the administrative module for your account.

Example. The following table contains an IP address recognition example that uses the dbname component.

Enlace WorldCat
URL used in the link
Descripción Sign in FirstSearch, entering at the default search screen for the WorldCat database. When exiting FirstSearch, return to the page from which you entered.

More information. More information about IP address recognition access is available at IP Address Recognition. There you will also find information about using IP address recognition to link users directly to a particular FirstSearch database screen or Electronic Collections Online journal screen.

 Values for the dbname or db component

Table of values. The following table contains the values for the dbname or db component. You can use either the component value or the alternative component value, if there is one. Lowercase and/or uppercase letters may be used in this component.

Base de datos Component value in FirstSearch Alternative component value in FirstSearch
ArticleFirst   ArticleFirst   Article1st  
Clase and Periódica ClasePeriodica n/a
Electronic Books   Ebooks   n/a
Electronic Collections Online   ECO   n/a
ERIC   ERIC   n/a
GPO Monthly catalog   GPO   n/a
OAIster OAIster n/a
PapersFirst   PapersFirst   n/a
ProceedingsFirst   Proceedings   n/a
World Almanacs   WorldAlmanac   n/a
WorldCat (the OCLC Online Union Catalog)   WorldCat   n/a
WorldCat Dissertations and Theses WorldCatDissertations n/a