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Open Access Content

An OCLC index of worldwide open access content.

Why select this database

  • Search open access content, from familiar and authoritative collections, in libraries worldwide.
  • Includes full-text links to open access resources.

Database details

Database name Open Access Content
Short database name Open Access Content
Available on FirstSearch
Sources Content from over 1,000 publishers is represented by collections of the following open access providers:
Collection/Database Content Provider
BioMed Central BioMed Central, Ltd.
Directorio de libros de libre acceso (DOAB) Publicación en acceso abierto en redes europeas (OAPEN)
Directorio de revistas de acceso abierto (DOAJ) Directory of Open Access Journals
Europeana Europeana
HBO Kennisbank HBO Kennisbank
Revistas electrónicas Hindawi Hindawi Limited
Hypotheses OpenEdition
Libros de acceso abierto de JSTOR JSTOR
JSTOR Open Access Journals Collection JSTOR
Libros de edición abierta OpenEdition
Biblioteca Abierta de Humanidades Biblioteca Abierta de Humanidades
Paperity Paperity, Sp. z.o.o
Project Euclid Open Access Proyecto Euclides
Biblioteca Pública de Ciencia (PLOS) Public Library of Science OpenEdition
Revistas SciELO Scientific Electronic Library Online
Revistas de UCL Press UCL Press
Wolters Kluwer Medknow Wolters Kluwer
Number of records 84 million records
Coverage N/A
Update frequency Diario
Producer OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.


Index labels and search examples

Search indexes Etiquetas Ejemplos
Keyword kw: greenhouse
Resumen ab: arabica
Access Method am: http
Accession Number no: 681800229
Autor au: wharton
Author Phrase au= wharton, edith

(last name first; use double quotes around exact phrases)
Conference Name cn: canadian
Conference Name Phrase cn= canadian acoustics week
Descriptor de: history
Género/Forma ge: solo piano
Geographic Coverage gc: spain
ISBN bn: 9789048503667
ISSN in: 0268-3946

(use hyphens)
Issue is: 3&4
Idioma ln= japanese
Named Corporation nc: green power
Named Person na: john
Notes nt: letterpress
Personal Name pn: gay
Personal Name Phrase pn= gay roxane

(use last name first with or without the first comma retained)
Fecha de publicación pd: 1886
Editorial pb: scribner
Ubicación del editor pl: china
Serie se: MARE
Fuente so: amsterdam
Source Phrase so= Amsterdam university press
Standard Number sn: 1097461x
Asunto su: Coffee house
Subject Phrase su= Coffee houses in art
Título ti: coffee composting
Title Phrase ti= accelerated coffee pulp composting
Volume vo: 1990

Record display information

MARC fields

The MARC records returned from this database will be the OCLC-MARC records as they were input into the system.

This database can have any valid MARC tag in it. Besides the valid MARC tags, the following FirstSearch Locally Defined fields also exist:

856 fields OCLC has added links to additional content such as cover art, table of contents, summaries and author notes.  These OCLC-created 856 fields include the following subfields:

856/u  URL to additional content

856/i  instructions in URL use

856/q  data type such as "ASCII," "GIF," etc.

856/x  "OCLC EC"

856/3  type of content such as "COVER ART," "TABLE OF CONTENTS," "MORE INFO," or "EXCERPTS"

Evaluative content info in websites: OCLC created URLs contained in 856/u fields in full MARC syntax and under the label "Access:" in full SUTRS syntax will allow internet-based access to evaluative content (cover art, summaries, excerpts, author information, etc.) These URLs can be cut and pasted, or programmatically entered, into any browser supported by FirstSearch in order to gain access to the information. The URLs will time out after 7 days so if continued access is desired another search to receive and updated URL will need to be executed. The 856/i field is the indicator for information on the URL; because not all 856/u fields are additional evaluative content, the 856/i should be checked to be certain the 856/u link is truly a OCLC sourced link. The 856/i field contains instructions regarding the URL.

NetLibrary websites: All NetLibrary records have had additional 856 fields added that would authenticate a user's access to their library's NetLibrary book subscription, based on their FirstSearch authorization number. These 856 fields will have a subfield u with the URL and a subfield I with the instructions:

"Input this URL in a browser to view e-book from NetLibrary".

Note: Searching "NetLibrary" in the Access Method index can retrieve all NetLibrary books. All NetLibrary books that a FS user subscribes to can be searched by ANDing this to the library's holding symbol, assuming the library is cataloging their holdings on the OCLC WorldCat cataloging subsystem.

945/f Primary document type code
945/d Additional document type codes
945/m Material type code media/technology access
945/n Material type text media/technology access
945/p Material type code content
945/q Material type text content
945/r Music Composition code
945/s Music Composition text
947/g Displayable form of the LC Control Number [010/a]
947/h Displayable form of the LC Control Number [010/z]
947/m Number of holding library symbols connected to item
947/n Date added to a database
947/p Date last updated in Cataloging subsystem of WorldCat
947/s Indicator for My Library holdings.

This indicates if authorization number's institution has local holdings attached in OCLC WorldCat. "Y" is yes. "N" is no.

Library Holdings

Field 948/a gives the ISO country code information for each library holding the item. Additional detailed holdings information is available in FirstSearch Z39.50 Configuration Guide - Element Set Names.

949/i Document Types (repeating)
a = Articles, Chapters, or Papers
b = Books, Monographics, or Text
f = Material visual
h = Mapas
i = Archivo informático
j = Grabación de sonido
k = Score
m = Material de archivo
r = Continually updated resource
s = Serial, Journal, or Magazine
w = Internet Resources, primarily websites
949/x ILL/Display type
b = Books, Monographic, or Text including articles and websites listed as text
f = Material visual
h = Mapas
l = Archivo informático
j = Grabaciones sonoras
k = Score
m = Material de archivo
s = Serial, Journal, or Magazine
g = Multiple types, includes more then one of the types listed above)


Search results in the Open Access Content database can be sorted by Relevance and Date.


The following restrictors can be used only in conjunction with an index search. They must be added to an index search with the Boolean AND in order to receive results.

Restrictor Tipo Input
Tipo de documento No Limit

Continually updated resources

Internet resources


Serial publications

Visual materials



Sound recordings

Computer files

Archival materials










Language Phrase No Limit




Año No Limit

Single: 19xx

Range: 19xx-20xx

19xx, 20xx



General punctuation rules

Omit accent marks and diacritics such as ¨ (umlaut) and ¸ (cedilla). Special characters should be replaced by a Romanized form of the character, such as u for hooked u and ss for ß (eszett).

Punctuation Rule Punctuation Rule
" (quote mark) Convert to a blank @ (commercial at) Convert to a blank
' (apostrophe) Indexed both as:

— delete and collapse

— convert to a blank
? (question mark) Convert to a blank
. (period) Convert to a blank, except when the first period in a class number search. / (slash) Convert to a blank except in Dewey call number search where it is deleted and collapsed.
, (comma) Convert to a blank. - (hyphen) Convert to a blank
; (semicolon) Convert to a blank & (ampersand) Retain and index
: (colon) Convert to a blank \ (backslash) Convert to a blank
() (parentheses) Delete and collapse © (copyright sign) Delete and collapse
<> (greater/less than signs) Convert to a blank ° (degree sign) Delete and collapse
{} (curly brackets) Convert to a blank € (Euro) Convert to a blank
[] (square brackets) Delete and collapse, retaining the data within except for [sic] and [i.e. any data following] Flat (musical) Convert to a blank
= (equal sign) Convert to a blank ¡ (inverted exclamation point) Convert to a blank
! (exclamation point) Convert to a blank ¿ (inverted question mark) Convert to a blank
# (number sign) Delete and collapse Phonograph copyright Delete and collapse
$ (dollar sign) Convert to a blank # (sharp — musical) Convert to a blank
% (percent sign) Convert to a blank Espacio Convert multiple spaces to a single space
* (asterisk) Convert to a blank ± (plus/minus sign) Convert to a blank
+ (plus sign) Convert to a blank _ (underscore) Convert to a blank

Searching tips

Keyword All searches (1016): The Keyword All search includes elements from the Abstract, Author, Title, Subject, Source Phrase, and Note indexes.

Using restrictors: English and Non-English are restrictors. All other language terms can be searched alone in the Language (54) index.

Using limiters: Use the Document Type (1001) index to limit an index search in order to narrow the focus of your search. OCLC uses this index as a limiter on the web.