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Navigation style

Discover how to add and edit the colors that appear throughout your app's navigation in the CapiraMobile Staff Dashboard.

You can update the colors in three separate areas of the mobile app's navigation:

  • Top navigation - Appears at the top of all app screens for navigation and screen options.
  • Bottom navigation - Appears at the bottom of all app screens and includes quick access options.
  • Standard button - Generic solid buttons that appear across various screens of the app.
Navigation style settings - Image

The navigation color selector in the CapiraMobile Staff Dashboard, with a color theory wheel for reference

  1. From the left navigation, under the Elements menu, select Styles.
  2. In Navigation Style Settings, click the color bar beneath the option(s) you would like to change.
  3. Set a color by using the color display or entering a hexadecimal number.
  4. Haga clic en Guardar cambios.
  5. (Optional) To revert all selections to the default, click Reset to Default.